Privacy Policy

Weunderstands that your privacy is important to you. We are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personally-identifiable information, being any information that is capable of identifying you as an individual person, as you use this Site and our Recruitment Portal. The scope of our commitment is described in this Privacy Policy. By submitting personally-identifiable information, you consent to us use of such personally-identifiable information as described herein.

What personally-identifiable information is collected?
We collects personally-identifiable information on certain areas of the Site when users register for or apply for jobs through our Recruitment Portal, register for our newsletters and alerts, sign up for conferences and events, and participate in user posting areas (such as bulletin boards, discussion forums and surveys). The personally-identifiable information collected may consist of information that you provide, such as your name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, and background information required to apply for a job. For recruiting purposes, the information collected may include other personally-identifiable information that you include on your resume and information that you submit as part of your application. In addition, we collects certain information that you do not visibly enter, such as your IP address, browsing pattern on the Site, click stream data, HTTP protocol elements, and the status of cookies placed on your computer by us.

How may we use my personally-identifiable information?
We use your personally-identifiable information to fulfill your requests for information, publish your letters to the editor or comments, process your requests to participate in conferences and events, evaluate any job applications, recruit personnel, distribute newsletters and alerts to you, and for such other purposes as you may initiate or request. We may keep any of your personally-identifiable information on file and use it to contact you.

How are cookies used?
Cookies are small packets of information that are stored by your web browser. They are put on your web browser by the websites that you visit. These packets of information do not contain personal information about you but they do allow us to know if you visit the same website twice or if you visit related websites.
The laws in many European Union countries require you to provide a form of consent before cookies are placed on your web browser unless the cookie is necessary for the website to work.
There is no agreed standard for how companies comply with these laws. We do the following:
-- We only use cookies where they are necessary for our services or where you have provided your express or implied consent.
-- We respect your wishes, and you can inspect, delete, or block any cookies used by us by selecting the appropriate control in your web browser.
-- We support technologies that have been developed and are being developed for your web browser that allows you to be more selective about the cookies that your web browser will accept.

We have implemented generally accepted standards of technology and operational security in order to protect personally-identifiable information from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. Only authorized our company personnel and third party vendors are provided access to personally-identifiable information, and these employees and vendors are required to treat this information as confidential. Despite these precautions, our company, however, cannot guarantee that unauthorized persons will not obtain access to your personally-identifiable information.
Transborder hosting and transfer of information
Personally-identifiable information collected on the Site may be transferred from time to time to our offices or personnel, or to third parties, located throughout the world, and the Site may be viewed and hosted by us or its vendors anywhere in the world, including countries that may not have the same data protection laws than what is found in your country of residence. By using the Site and registering such information on it, you voluntarily consent to such transborder transfer and hosting of such information.
Date Retention Policy

Westores personally-identifiable information for various purposes as notified to you in this policy. For each of these different purposes, We only retains the personally-identifiable information for so long as it is serving its notified purpose.

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